Our Quality Policy

The management of the Essential Medicine Company has special care and responsibility about its quality policy and about the company’s position and the importance of these international quality standards ISO9001: 2015, the company has been keen to follow up on the companies from which it imports the pharmaceutical items to obtain these certificates, and it has adopted a system that meets the requirements of the mentioned standards, which are as follows :

  1. apply the system continuously with the companies to deal with in the future.
  2. Work on importing pharmaceutical products that comply with international specifications for good manufacturing conditions GMP
  3. Apply standard labor procedures that lead to the import of prescribed quality medicines.
  4. Provide the human work forces and train them to work in the company.
  5. Adhere to apply laws, other requirements, and legislation related to the import of medicines.
  6. Develop the spirit of cooperation and secure work atmosphere and the spirit of teamwork among all employees, stimulating them to continuously improve performance and develop methods and concepts of environmental preservation and occupational health and safety.

Quality is the responsibility of all employees of the Essential Medicine Company, pledging to the philosophy of quality that confirms that it is a trusted company in the import and promotion of medicines and medical supplies.

The company’s effort in achieving the highest levels of quality encourages it to obtain the trust of its customers with through building quality for medicines and medical supplies that it imports and promotes

The company also review the policy and objectives of quality systems on a regular basis, according to the requirements of the aforesaid specifications, to adhere to, and improve them continuously.