About Essential Medicine Company

The Essential Medicine Company was established as a private company in the Republic of Yemen by establishing Al-Maghrib Pharmacy and Al-Saeedah Pharmacy in 1997 in the capital, Sana’a, which are the ground for establishing of the Essential Medicine Company.

In 2020 the company established a special department for importing medicines and medical supplies, which enabled the company to obtain the rights of distribution and representation of pharmaceutical companies.  The company is currently in the process of expanding its scope of business to cover the wide-range of the Yemeni market.

While the company’s activity has increased, the company received requests for representation and agency, which encourage Essential Medicine Company to plan to open new branches in a number of other cities.

The company has adopting since its inception the policy of selling and distributing through the branches and agents of the company throughout Yemen through its representatives and agents, and through organizing seminars that explain the use of the products and their properties for doctors, hospitals and family care centers. The company is also keen to participate regularly in exhibitions that are organized and held in the Republic of Yemen, which all of this will highlight the company’s position in the Yemeni medicine market, which is appreciated and respected by the official authorities including the Ministry of Public Health and Population represented by the Supreme Authority for Medicines and Medical Supplies for the company’s role In providing medicine to all sectors of society throughout the country.